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July 12, 2006 - 6:40 pm

So I seem to have moved totally into Myspace land. It is cool over there, I have to say. I have been in touch, even if only a little, with a lot of people that I might not have been if it weren't for Myspace. I mean, I know if you have e-mail addresses you can communicate. But on Myspace you can drop a note that doesn't need to be so well thought out as an e-mail, just leave a comment for someone so you can establish that you are thinking of them but actually have nothing of substance to say. And then you have the blog, which feels like less pressure too. I don't know why, but on here I feel like I have to have something real to say in order to write (which doesn't mean I think I am ever successful at having anything real to say), but there on my blog I feel like I can just put up a bulletpoint or two and call it a day. (of course, again this assumes that anyone reads and cares, but I'm only speaking of the twisted thinking that goes on in my own mind.) And then the bulletins allow a message to get to all your friends at once, which is cool too. So overall I think it's neat...my friends list is full of damn cool people.

But I miss this place too. It was the first "jump on the bandwagon" event of internet world that I actually joined. And I think this is a cool site too. It was super fun having a gold account and designing my own page. Which, by the way, is another current issue. I hate paypal, and even if I didn't I would have a problem, because I can't remember my password and my credit card changed and it won't let me make a new accout because it already knows both my email accounts...the whole thing sucks. So Andrew is cool and gave me the address to send the check, but I keep forgetting to do that too. In the meantime my page looks all dumb. ugh. So yeah, I miss this place and I like the new one, and I'm trying to keep both. But since I never update my diary or my blog, it's probably a moot point. There you go.

Okay, that's my rant for the day.

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